The Restorative City

Design Trust for Public Space’s request for proposals (RFP) to reimagine how we design New York for the health and wellbeing of all communities.

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In New York City, an individual living in the South Bronx has a life expectancy of 69.5 years; a resident of the Upper East Side has a life expectancy of 89.5 years, 20 years longer. Where we live matters, and where we live is too often governed by exclusion, racism, and discrimination.

Public health officials and medical professionals have known that a person’s zip code is a better predictor of one’s health rather than genetics or lifestyle choices. Only 20% of health outcomes depend on access to and quality of medical care. 80% of health outcomes depend on our physical environment – the world and people around us shape our wellbeing. While access to hospitals is important, communities with access to parks, transportation, well-resourced schools, adequate housing are more likely to be healthy.

This is a call to action for urban planning, design, and public policy professionals and all those involved in shaping the physical environments in which we live, work and play. This cycle, the Design Trust is looking for projects that shape New York shared spaces and environment in ways that can make us healthier.

UPDATE: Extended Deadline – Submit your Statement of Interest by Friday May 28th at 5pm!

Download the Request for Proposals (RFP)

The Design Trust encourages applicants to consider...

How can public spaces support healthy lives?

How can our streets and sidewalks be reimagined to help our communities thrive?

How can neighborhood design improve mental health?

How can we reduce the environmental injustices affecting marginalized communities?

How can we frame climate resiliency as an urgent health crisis in our neighborhoods?

How do we reckon with systemic racism present in urban planning and policy in order to build more just communities?

How can we use art, culture, and heritage to lift up all definitions of wellbeing?

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